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When placing an image either in a private messsage or on a message board no other users can see the image. All that comes up is a small blank box. What's wrong ?
The ideea is :
1. You want to send a picture using BORGChat insert image feature
2. Put the image in a shared folder with read rights (or share the folder where the picture is)
If that image is put for example in "pic" shared folder and your computer name is "pentium" anyone from the network should see your folder by simply typing in run \\pentium\pic . If no one from the network can acces this share they will probably receive a message that they don't have the permision to acces this folder. In this case read the windows help to find out how to share properly (win 2000 and up)
3. Put the correct path in that box : \\pentium\pic\picture.jpg
That's all

If something does not work is probably because you put c:\picture.jpg instead of \\pentium... or that share is non accesible.

Tip :
To make this work fast (so you don't type the path) click the small folder icon next to the path box and go thru my network\entire network\workgroup\your pc name\the share with the picture\

What's the use of the checkbox next to each user ?
They are usefull when you want to beep/send message/send file to more than one user. Select wanted names and right click on an empty space in users window.

I have ignored all messages from a specific user. Why i am still able to see them in chat ?
Ignoring means that you wont be disturbed by those messages. The icon in taskbar won't change and there will be no sound.

How can i write multiple lines in a single message ?
Instead of pressing "enter" after each line "use ctrl+enter".

I wonder what do mean the icons to the left of user nicks iin user's list ?
There are 3 colors : red gray and green. Green is "i'm availble", gray something like busy and red meens that he's not at the pc. All the messages can be changed.

When the icon is shaded (partialy visible) meens that the program isn't on top of other windows > that user is'nt watching the chat in that moment .
When the icon is "normal" the program is in front of other windows > probably that user is reading, writing a message.

How do I record Quick messages ?
Record: Type a message and Press Ctr+Shift+F1..F12
Insert: Press Shift+F1..F12
Delete: Record an empty message

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