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BORGChat v1.0.0.438
Fix : List index out of bounds when net tab is disabled
New : Keep only X lines in chat
Fix : Some memory leaks
BORGChat v0.9.9.435

build 435 :
- fix for small bug from 434 (no messages was displayed whe a user quits from borgchat
- small language problems in systemtray menu

build 434 :
- fix for Access violation
BORGChat v0.9.9.431

New : Sounds for smiles
New : Sounds dir
New : Send message tu multiple users with /msg "User1, User2" message
Mod : Modified option "Username is link" , diffrent actions if you press Alt,Shift or Ctrl + Click
Fix : In the main window status message selection is fine, displaying "Available", "Busy" and "Away", but when selected from the system tray, they are not in english, and selecting them gives an error.
Fix : In private chat if you would click Open Log you would get an error
Fix : Some fixes
BORGChat v0.9.9.428
Fix : Avatars were not working (i can not save my with standart error "can not assign TPicture a TJPEGimage")
Fix : Right Click on the userlist
Fix : Manny probplems wit nicks !
New : New window for private message archive
BORGChat v0.9.9.422
Fix : Big bug with TCP transfer that could make BORGChat to crush or encounter an error
Fix : Avatars didn't resize properly in userlist … required restart
Fix : BORGOptions.XML increasing in size on each restart
Fix : Problems with "Could not convert variant of type (OleStr) into type (Boolean)"
Fix : Incompatibility with WindowBlinds ( also WindowsVista)
Fix : Couldn't set "none" for hotkey
Fix : Charset wouldn't work for the userlist !

other fixes ...

New : You can set the avatar for other users (only on your computer);
New : You can block refresh the avatar for one user; this way you can keep any avatar you want even if that user changes it
New : Uninstall plugin
New : 2 new options in messageboard : Paste to editor & block message (per user)
New : Invitation to join a channel
New : Disable #Main , works as a System tab
New : Limit for the files received from one user
BORGChat 0.9.9 Build 388 + Build 390

1. if you use UDP Broadcast (default connection) it's not compatible with earlier versions !!!
2. if you have a custom smile pack it's not compatible with this version (I will try to build an application to convert them to the new format)

- in build 388 I forgot some bugs :(:(:(

Mod : IMPORTANT : Changed the way messages are encrypted !!! Lost compatibility with earlier versions !!!
Mod: Suport of plugins (see BORGChat homepage)
New : New encryption !!!

Mod : New refresh mode (with timeout) ; the list is not cleared any more
Mod : No need for "BORGGroup.ini"
Fix : links not working in win 9x
Mod : Toolbar with BOLd,Italic… when sending a Winpopup message
Fix : Smile editor doesn't save the modifications
Mod : Changed BORGSmile.ini in BORGSmile.XML; old smile packs won't WORK
Mod : Options\SmileEditor : Moved to a separate window (right click on the smile window -> Show smile editor)
Mod : SmileEditor : When adding a smile it's inserted before the selected node
Fix : many fixes
BORGChat 0.9.8 Build 369
What's new (from build 250)

Mod : New smile window :)
New : Extended user information
Mod : Modified msgboard
New : Ip Multicast
New : Channels with password

Fix : Option: Invert message sending mode with new line (for private mesage)
Fix : Quote in private messages
Fix : "Send PM window" & "Receive PM Window" positions are kept
Mod : Images inserted in BORGChat are resized only if the image is larger XxY
New : Option: Invert message sending mode with new line
Fix : When replying to PM the wrong users (or none) were selected
Fix : Smile window problems
New : Option: The username is link fot PM ( /msg "user" )
New : It will be grate if during chatting I could just press on my opponent’s nickname to send a private message for him
New : doubleclik in User List should be customizable, beacuse I want dblclik on a user in User list to give me Private Chat with that user, NOT Private message
Fix : Bug this pressing ALT+left/write ARROW vhen cursor is in the message editor string..
New : Add new group menu option
Fix : Sometimes when cliking the X button the application closes
New : /join @channel - join a passworded channel
New : /fav - add channel to favorites
New : Download the new version from the program
Mod : "Show Private Messages in" replaced radio buttons with checkboxes
Fix : List Index Out of bounds when no Smile exists :)
New : Reset Conenction button (Option\Connection)
New : Check for Update & Download new version
Mod : A new improved version of the MessageBoard : faster update / tree like structured
Fix : When sending big files the filesize was reported wrong

Many , many fixes :P
BORGChat 0.7.3 Build 250
The only major addition : HELP File
BORGChat 0.7.2 Build 245
Fix : Invalid point operation on file download
New : Smile window \ PopupMenu \ Auto position window [on|off]
New : Smile window \ PopupMenu \ Show hidden smiles [on|off]
New : Include Big Smile Pack (~230 smiles ; some of them are hidden)
New : MessageBoard \ Copy message icon
Mod : New Smile editor (supports drag and drop) + checkboxes for seting smile visible / invisible
Mod : Options \ Interface \ Smiles -> selector for selecting files from smile directory
Fix : Better application launcher
New : Now you can add to an execution for a file some parameters using the '|' character and [URL ] tag ex: ping|
New : New Icon
Fix : Possible Fix for Hyper-Threading problem
Mod : Faster message display ( visible with large messages)
Fix : When changing the IP the binded network card BORGChat wouldn't start
Fix : If you delete the XML file BORGChat wouldn't start
New : Select user --> Popup meniu --> Services replaces the Explore option
Mod : New Caption Bar (normal caption bar + new buttons)
New : Download to
New : Flash Main Window (When Systray is hot !)
New : Filter active in MessageBoard
Mod : Options winddow closes much faster
Fix : Inserted picture appear in the chat only if in options set size of picture to Normal or if set This Size to X*Y = 0*0.
Fix : "B" "I" and "U" buttons don't work when sending private message
Borgchat 0.6.0 Build 210
Fix:removed annoing sound when pressing Ctrl+B/U/I
Grup default
Options in XML
FTP list -> Links list (now it works with other link types )
PM to group is not the same with PM to user (you can ignore PM-s sent to group and allow the others)
Ping computer (in the LAN tab)
New smile window
Download progress in Inbox
Windowless download
Ignore messages from MsgBoard older than x days
Fixed some other bugs
BORGChat v0.5.2 Build 167
new: Message to group ( use '#' before the name of the group if you use the text command e.g: /msg "#group_name")
new: Message delimiter (fix to bogus messages)
new: Beep,PM to group
new: Send File To group
new: Move checked users to a group
new: Select IP to bind connection (I'm not sure it works 100% :P , I need feedback)
fix: autocomplete
fix: mail&website buttons in about box didn't work
fix: large mode messages weren’t visible on the User Infotip
fix: no more TAGS in nicks
fix: Alt+Up/Down=move selection | Alt+Space=Check/Uncheck user
mod: no need for [Options] LangNr=x option in Language.ini
mod: no need for SmileCount option in BORGSmile.ini
mod: extended drag and drop of users
mod: if you make few modifications in the options window it will close faster
mod: better computer list refresh
BORGChat v0.5.2 Build 164
new: User Groups (better user administration, drag and drop (send) files to group)
new: If you change the Udp+Tcp ports you can open more instances of BORGChat
repaired: Options/Sounds only in romanian
repaired: Send empty message
mod: metter Add to filtration list menu
repaired: Important- repaired exploit bugs
mod: Disable Lan now hides the Lan tab
repaired : if the active tab is the msgBoard and you type a command then that command is posted in the MsgBoard
mod. : The hint on the trayicon contains the mode message
new: Smile limit in received message
new: Create directory with the name of the sender
mod: Private messages archive
BORGChat v0.4.5 Build 150
New Commands:
- /away /avlb /busy - change the mode+message
- /mode - chage only the message
- /msg "user" message - command to send a private message
Messageboard- if a message is posted today then it will appear a text TODAY instead of the date
Outbox - now you can cancel a sent file + exploit bug repaired
New Option - Disable the "Lan" list

Important : the File transmition is not 100% compatible with earlier versions
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