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Incepand cu vara anului 2002 ma tot 'chinui' sa fac un chat (BORGChat) care sa aiba cam tot ce ar trebui ca sa comunici k-lumea intr-o retea.
Am folosit si eu alte programe dar la toate le lipsea cate ceva (Smile-uri, SendFile etc), atunci m-am ofticat :) si am inceput sa fac BORGChat.
Momentan este in stadiul de BETA dar nu mai e mult pana cand iese pe banda Vers 1.0.
Daca vreti sa vedeti cam cum arata BORGChat aveti aici cateva Screenshot-uri.
Pana atunci va rog sa ma ajutati sa verific Versiunile BETA si daca va apar buguri (unele poate chiar stupide) le puteti posta pe FORUM.

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 22.01.2013Another useful video ? :)

Have a nice day!

It's Greatest & Biggest smilepack for most popular network chat - BORGChat!

Try it! Easy to install, easy to use.
Enjoy it! So much cool smiles includes!
Fun with it! Make your day Smiley!

It's my first project!

Best wishes, Mercury

 17.04.2007BORGChat is on

Please follow the link and post a review.
See download page
 06.04.2007Searching the net I found a smilepack for BORGChat:

KOLOBOK For BORGChat. Original
Author: Aiwan
Date of publication: 28-11-2005
Version: 1.0
Size of the file (in Kb): 740 Kb

 03.04.2007BORGBuzz plugin
Shakes the main window when you receive a beep.
I don't know how useful it is, but ... maybe it's fun for awhile ...

 30.03.2007BORGChat v1.0.0 b438
Fix : List index out of bounds when net tab is disabled
New : Keep only X lines in chat
Fix : Some memory leaks
 08.02.2007Fixed downlod links
Added some extra mirrors
 24.09.2006Who is Ţugurlan ?
 29.07.2006Finally you can download build 435 from sthe download section
 29.07.2006Forums are back !
 16.07.2006BORGChat 0.9.9 b 435


- fix for Access violation (since 434)
- fix for small bug from 434 (no messages was displayed whe a user quits from borgchat
- small language problems in systemtray menu
 16.07.2006FORUM DOWN :( , I hope I'll fix it in a few days :(
 08.07.2006BORGChat 0.9.9 build 434 (only exe , for the moment)

fix for Access violation

 10.04.2006BORGChat 0.9.9 build 431
 06.11.2005BORGChat 0.9.9 build 428

if you have build 422 / 423 you MUST use this version !!!
 16.10.2005BORGChat 0.9.9 build 423 ( aka v1.0 PR2 )

some fixes :(
 16.10.2005BORGChat 0.9.9 build 422 ( aka v1.0 PR2 )

What's new :
Fix : Big bug with TCP transfer that could make BORGChat to crush or encounter an error

New : Invitation to join a channel
New : Disable #Main , works as a System tab
New : 2 new options in messageboard : Paste to editor & block message (per user)
New : Limit for the files received from one user

read here for more
 20.08.2005BORGChat 0.9.9 build 390 ( aka v1.0 PR1 )

1. if you use UDP Broadcast (default connection) it's not compatible with earlier versions !!!
2. if you have a custom smile pack it's not compatible with this version
thx to NaM you can convert BORGSmile.ini -> BORGSmile.XML CLICK HERE

once again I was rushed in releasing the build 388 and forgot some bugs... so pls DOWNLOAD the new BUILD
 04.06.2005BORGChat 0.9.8 build 369


Finally a NEW version . Read HERE what's new !

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